Perfect for the working parent, or those squeezing in cooking dinner after a multi-school pick-up.

The first cook book, I’ve read (and I’ve been through a few), aimed at families which:

  1. I can actually buy all the ingredients at my local supermarket
  2. the recipes take as long as they claim
  3. don’t require finicky kitchen utensils
  4. the children eat the end result, better than that, tonight my eldest claims
    “yummmmmmy, mummy this is the best meal I ever tasted”

All recipes have 10minute, 20minute and 30minute options. Most are very healthy, though I did laugh when I was making a super healthy sounding dish and it recommended serving with ready made mash potato. The recipes are easy to follow and anyone could make them. Buy or borrow it now.

There are currently 5 copies of this book available for loan across the Surrey Libraries network.