This book caught my eye in the week leading up to Easter holidays, which in our case was 3 1/2 weeks – eek! I will put my hands up and say I was dreading such a long break from school. I had just got used to sending my Son 5 mornings a week, being able to get the housework done, and fitting in a gym session a week (thanks to finding my local gym with on-site creche….read my review of French Children Don’t Throw Food).

So I was naturally on the hunt for books to inspire me on how to fill the Easter holidays. I have to say, this book was great. Some of the activities are definitely for older kids. Some of the activities will need some preparation work, but all-in-all a really great book.

I absolutely loved Sarah Leuzzi’s illustrations, I think she’s done an amazing job. The illustrations and the photography (credits to Will Heap) have given the book a really down-to-Earth and fun vibe.

The book is aimed at children, with the introduction written directly at them, and the descriptions for each activity written to them. However you will probably find the text is for older readers with younger readers needing the book read to them. That said, they can easily flick through, and stop at the pages with photo’s and illustrations that catch their attention.

The layout of the book and the ease of read means it should belong on your coffee table, it’s perfect for guests to flick through. This is a heavy book, but one you could easily throw at a child complaining that they’re bored, and have them cure their own thirst for adventure.

I definitely recommend this book, and although I usually recommend getting books from your library (there are currently 9 copies available for loan in the Surrey Libraries network), you might want to invest and buy a copy as it will last your child until their early to mid teens.


P.S. The Easter holidays weren’t too bad in the end, once I learned to slow down. Actually it was quite nice not to yell “put your shoes on or we’ll be late” for a few weeks, and it was great to get lost in the woods, admire bluebells, build pretend fires and paint our shadows in the garden. Sometimes, it’s nice not to plan and just spend time together. And yes, I have been reading On The Road With Kids (review on the way!).