Wow, what a book. You might be interested to know that I read this book after reading The 4 Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss, so I was more than ready to read an inspiring travel book. Particularly one about a young family like us – albeit Australian and with more money than us!

I found the book a bit difficult to follow in places, this book needs your full attention and is not one to read whilst cooking the dinner and in between chores. Take time to read this book, you will enjoy it a lot more.

In between the humorous recollections of their travel exploits, which really are laugh out loud funny in some places, there are some lessons to be learnt – how to catch a mouse, maintain a chemical toilet and tell a foreigner you need cream for worms. Through their travels John begins to discover more about his relationship with the children and the important lessons of being a parent. There were times his reflections were so honest I wondered if his wife had snuck in a few lines for herself. If you are a Stay At Home Mum, you might want to leave this book out for your partner to read.

I was left wanting to know more about some of their stop-offs, so whilst you will find this book in the Travel section, don’t expect a travel guide.

The book is laugh out loud funny in places, a lot of places, and heartwarmingly honest in others. Worth a read, there are 10 copies currently available for loan in the Surrey Libraries network.