A gorgeous little book – though definitely not a pocket book – which fitted into my Son’s rucksack with his camera and magnifying glass as we went on a hunt for wildflowers on our dog walk.

This book has brilliant illustrations, they are detailed, large and clear. My Son, aged 3 years old, was able to match the pictures from this book to the flowers we were looking at. Perfect.

The illustrations are supported by text which covers everything from how to look for and identify wild flowers, how flowers pollinate and their life cycles, habitats and common wild flowers (ideal if you’re using this book on holiday). The text is conversational in style and would be easy for independent readers, younger readers may need adult help. The library recommends this book for 5 – 12 year olds.

I’ve renewed this book as long as I can, so we’ll be returning it to the library. There are only 2 copies of this book in the Surrey Libraries network – so get reserving!