This book initially caught my eye in the library whilst I was looking for books on crochet for my forthcoming Sewing Group meeting. The book is thin so feels accessible, the print and layout is modern and clear. The text is conversational in style, so you feel as though Emma is literally walking you through a workshop in crochet.

Emma Osmond has done a much better job than others of explaining the basics of crochet. Whilst I did resort to YouTube (sorry!), once I saw someone else do it, her descriptions did make a lot more sense. I suspect that has more to do with my learning style than her writing though.

Once the crochet basics are mastered Emma takes you through some awesome looking projects: striped bolster pillow; tassel scarf; snug cowl; circular trow; striped pillow; wrist warmers.

There are currently 8 copies of The Crochet Workshop in the Surrey Libraries network available for loan.