If you like sewing, then you’ll love this book. Projects for yourself, your kids and the man in your life, useful household items and things you could easily make as presents for others. And to top that off, the patterns are all included, no more photocopying at 200% and 300% as you have to with other books.

The layout is quite like a sewing magazine in that the photos are modern and the illustrations for the more difficult steps are simple and hand drawn. The steps appear simple to follow but I would suggest this book is more for the advanced beginner rather than absolute beginner.

Unfortunately there’s only one copy of this in the Surrey Libraries Network, and it’s sitting on my table! I will make sure I return it and order my own copy online so you can reserve it soon. If you like it, be sure to let the Surrey Libraries team know…. they may order in a few more if there is enough interest.