I have started using the Ladybird’s Read It Yourself series, although my Son is only 3 years old, as a way of introducing him to classic and modern stories in a simple way. To begin with, I was asking him to spot certain letters on pages, but now we choose a word from the first or second page then try to spot it throughout the story. In addition to the story, my Son also enjoys the “games” at the back, which in the classroom would be used to check the child’s understanding of the storyline.

I love this range, but this individual book seems to jump around a bit, the storyline doesn’t seem to flow as well as some of the others. As we read it, I wondered if they had¬†worked from the television episode and tried to shorten it into a Level 1 book, making it a bit clunky.

However, there is a good introduction of “one”, “two”, and “three”, and plenty of pages to practice your counting on thanks to the lovely illustrations. The characters are all from the current television series so the kids love the book (have you tried introducing your little one to the Peter Rabbit from your childhood, mine¬†refuse to believe it’s him!).

As with all Level 1 reads, the type font is clear to read, the illustrations are simple yet attractive, and we can squeeze a few of these into our bedtime story session.

There are currently 45 copies of The Radish Robber in the Surrey County Council’s Library network.