I love this book, my Son (aged 3) likes this book. It’s great.

Meet Pierre the dinosaur who must hide from Amelia’s family, and who can only stay for Summer. But what can Pierre and Amelia do in their short time together?

The book uses some simple French phrases, a great way to introduce your child to the language. There are also references to days of the week. The illustrations are varied and detailed, we seem to find something new in them every time we read the book.

My Son is just learning to write, so I was really pleased with the illustrations which used curly lines e.g. rollercoaster tracks, paths through mysterious lands etc. as he could trace them with his fingers (a good activity for those learning to write).

There isn’t much repetition in this book, so unlike Dr Seuss’ books where after the first few reads our Son gives a brilliant imitation of reading independently, this is unlikely to happen with a younger reader. There is also a heart stopping moment when we notice that in one of the illustrations there is cheesy popcorn and cola! I tell my Son it is coloured water and turn the page quickly, but then I recognise I can’t keep my Son from fizzy drinks all his life, but if like me you have banned them from the house then do be prepared for quite a few questions!

Go on, give Pierre a try, he’s a dinosaur…in a bathtub…what more could you want? There are currently 15 copies of There’s a Dinosaur in my Bathtub available for loan in the Surrey County Council’s library network.