I try to read lots of books with sensory items on the page to encourage my daughter to read, but also to get her to point so that we can improve her signing.

I chose this book because it is slightly larger and the pages slightly thicker than other books, prefect for my overexcited page turner who tends to rip pages – eek!

However I wasn’t particularly taken with this book. It introduces the characters of Giraffe’s Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae so perhaps a good lead up to that, but I’m more than a bit put off by the winking lion telling me to stroke his fur! I mean, is that even appropriate for a child’s book? What are they trying to teach our little ones?

And the night sky should make a perfect ending to a book at bedtime, but the stars leave both of us underwhelmed.

I want to love this book but it leaves me feeling uneasy.

I would recommend this book if you’re reading Giraffe’s Cant Dance to an older child and want a younger sibling to feel included at story time. There are currently 11 copies available for loan in the Surrey Libraries network, so perhaps give it a go and let me know how you get on.