This book isn’t another parenting book, it is a really interesting look into British, American and French parenting styles. It looks at the culture and development of parenting.

You won’t walk away from this book with a new parenting regime but you may have ideas or things you want to try. I for one am accepting that there isn’t a perfect parent, and in the hunt for a creche. Just because I am a full time SAHP (Stay At Home Parent) why should that mean I stop looking after myself? It is a good thing I have read this book over the Christmas break and therefore in time for New Year’s resolutions!

This book will have you laughing out loud, and because it is so thoroughly researched you may even find yourself intrigued and looking for its references (all listed at the back for ease). It certainly gave me a lot of food for thought.

Definitely recommend. There are 17 copies available within the Surrey Libraries network.